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Mostrando entradas de octubre, 2019

C1.2 Anglès

Hey world! We’re C1.2 A students. You can find us on Mondays and Wednesdays from 17h to 19h in room N-28. We’re a privileged highly motivated small group. Looking at the bright side of it, being a small group is not that bad. Our English lessons are like private lessons and our teacher doesn’t have to struggle to pay attention to all of us ;) We expect to enjoy the course and improve our productive skills, both writing and speaking, as these are the skills we struggle the most with. We’ll do our best to achieve our goals!

Bàsic A2 B Anglès

Hello! We’re English students and we’re in Basic A2 B. We’re a big group. We have English lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays and sometimes on Fridays from seven o’clock to ten to nine. Our room is N-28 and our teacher is Xisca. We’re funny. We like learning English because we want to travel around the world ;)

Grup B2.1 A d'anglès

Hi everyone!!  We're B2.1 A, a morning group. That's why we come to class a little bit sleepy, but our wonderful teacher wakes us up every day due to her dynamic lessons. Her favourite sentence is: in English, please! So, how is our group? We all come from different parts but we share the same qualities: we're open-minded and easy-going. Besides, we're also optimistic, brave, friendly, funny, active and talkative (although we were a little bit shy the first day we started class). You can see we've been studying personality adjectives;) Time flies in class!

El grup A1 A d'anglès

Hello everyone! This is the picture of our class. Do you like it?

Grup A2 de francès

Alumnes de A2 de francès, bienvenus!

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